Jul 11, 2018

Snickering, unprovoked outburst at Andrew Cunningham's attorney and drama from one of the alleged victim's supporters

There was drama last time in court where the grandfather of one or more of the victims yelled outside the courtroom at Cunningham's family members and attorney. Bailiffs had to caution him.

Today, he was subdued but still felt the need for a slight outburst. Another lady also there for the victims sat quietly.  The alleged victims were quiet. The only drama was from an older lady I did not see in court last time. First she just glared at Mr. Robinson who had not said anything to her and then she snapped at him in court, totally unprovoked.

The same lady also glared at me. I have no idea who you are lady. I can only assume that because I was talking to Mr. Robinson outside court, I got attitude from you. I cover court, I talk to attorneys. Get over it. I don't care what your problem is  I haven't spoken or done anything to you. Nothing justifies your nonsense today.

Like Mr. Robinson, I am doing my job, covering this court case. Your stupidity made it hard to cover this case as well as another case I was there to cover.

Regular readers of my blog know the risks I take daily to cover certain cases no one else will touch or cares to invest time into due to the risks.

By covering court cases, especially for women and children that no one else does, and  investing a significant time inside and outside the court, there are many families and victims who are grateful.

Keep your trashy, uneducated, uncultured behavior outside the courthouse.

There are other sexual abuse cases and  homicide cases. Not every victim's family and friends act out. You have a right to your feelings; you don't have a right to harass people you don't know.

Next time some of you can try and act like mature adults or not, your choice. Save your drama for your home, the courtroom is not your private living room.

People in this country are presumed innocent until they are found guilty. You have an excellent prosecutor on the case, let her do her job.

Instead of your acting out, try helping the alleged victims by supporting them in a dignified way in and outside the courtroom.  Your drama is not evidence nor does it gain you any sympathy.

No other media was in court, so be grateful despite your stupidity lady, that this case still got coverage today.

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