Jul 2, 2018

Christian Bradford arrested for Living the Dream ice cream burglary

On July  1, 2018, at  about 4:34 a.m., officers  responded to  a  business at  the  foot of  F Street for  the report of  a  burglary  alarm activation.  The  owner of the  business had also called and reported that he  could see  a  male  suspect inside the  business from his remote video  surveillance  system.

Officers arrived on scene  within minutes, but the  male  suspect had  already  fled  with miscellaneous stolen items.  Based on the video surveillance, the male suspect was described  as wearing  a  top hat and leather jacket with distinct  stitching  on the shoulders.  Officers checked the  area  but were  unable to locate  the suspect.

 On July  2, 2018, at  about 3:10 a.m., an officer with the Eureka  Police  Department conducted a  proactive  field interview  with a male  at  the 1700 block  of  Broadway.

 The male  was wearing  a  top hat and leather jacket  matching  the description from  the burglary surveillance.   The  male  was identified as 59  year  old Christian Bradford  and determined to be the  suspect from the  burglary.       Bradford was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County  Correctional  Facility  for burglary  and probation violation. 

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