Jul 7, 2018

AB 1810 pre trial mental health diversion or Jerry Brown's pass to rapists and murderers?

Locally, would AB 1810 have impacted the Gary Lee Bullock case? Consider how it could impact the Ewa Misztal or Kimberly Felder case or the Dylan Wilson case; to name just a few. In Humboldt, getting "doubt declared" regarding competency, getting more than one mental health evaluation, being sent to Napa State again or being reevaluated for placement is too frequent and easy. Victims already wait years; this bill will only add to that agony.

The San Diego Tribune Editorial Board wrote an opinion. I agree with their analysis of AB 1810. This only adds to the disaster of Prop 47 and 57.

"Now, in the worst example of rushed reform yet, Gov. Jerry Brown this week signed into law Assembly Bill 1810 — a budget “trailer bill” with no credited author that takes effect immediately. It includes a provision that appears to allow defendants charged with any crime to get the charges put on hold and perhaps eventually dismissed if they can persuade a judge that the offense resulted from a mental disorder that a mental health expert says is treatable."

"A case can be made that a defendant’s mental illness should be considered by prosecutors and judges — it’s certainly relevant. Senate Bill 215, now before the Legislature, would have allowed this in defined, limited circumstances. But instead of vetoing AB 1810 and letting this debate proceed, Brown short-circuited it."



  1. So I wonder if that applies to people that have already been sentenced and convicted

    1. Maybe your favorite attorney will respond and answer 😁

  2. I wish I could tag him...😁

  3. These laws need way more debate. Such as when the defendants mental disorder is exacerbated by taking illegal drugs and or alcohol nagating the mental disorder as the excuse. Why do we have to suffer living with theses otherwise prison lifers just so liberal progressives can say their reducing the prison population?