Jan 11, 2018

The case cannot get done, if it does not get started."

Trial setting for Sohum upskirting suspect David Nunez was scheduled for January 10.

Nunez has still to appear in court. Both his previous attorney, and maybe/future attorney don't understand the basic concept of taking Judges seriously.

Yesterday, Judge LaCasse ordered Nunez to personally be present unless he has a 977 waiver signed and an attorney of record.

Local attorney, Ms. Kathleen Bryson, has made special appearances for both attorneys who are not from Humboldt. She has borne the brunt of at least two Judge's frustrations.

"You cannot specially appear for an attorney who is  specially appearing and is not an attorney of record," Judge LaCasse said yesterday. "The case cannot get done, if it does not get started."

Nunez is charged with  three counts. Count 1 and 3 are PC 647 (j) (2). Count 2 is 647.6 (a) (1). The special allegation for Count 1 and 3 is that Nunez committed the alleged charges out of "sexual compulsion and the purpose of sexual gratification."

People in the community interested in a case, families and friends of the victim and the defendant, contact me on a regular basis for information on cases.

The lack of movement in this case and constant continuances has taken a toll on the local community.

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