Jan 11, 2018

Who will the Humboldt Planning Commission favor? Mercer Fraser or the citizens?

"Tonight the Humboldt County Planning Commission will consider a zoning change that would allow Eureka construction company Mercer-Fraser to build and operate a 5,000-square-foot commercial cannabis manufacturing facility between Arcata and Blue Lake, on a 13.5-acre parcel that hugs the north bank of the Mad River."


In this article, Ryan Burns does not call out the local hypocrisy of good ole boys and cannabis greed. Remember this? What changed?


There can never be independent, investigative reporting in a town as long as advertising revenue is only local.

Thankfully, the public can still speak up.  Sample of comments below.

This is why regardless of who is in charge, left or right, the public does not see much change.

  • Nope. Nope. Nope. Not worth the risk. MF has deep pockets, they should buy or rent a spot already zoned for this.

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        M-F has just proved they are with the growers who proliferate drug use and crime throughout the county. They need to be boycotted by everyone.

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            Yah let's let the local boys grow the dope and pollute our water. Can't let the hippies do that any more.

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                NO! NO! NO!

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                    Thank you Water District for speaking up.
                    DO NOT override his report B of S. You look shady enough already and we will mount a class action lawsuit if you do. You will not mess with our water supply.


                  1. No. The citizens would protest, as this would effect
                    everyone adversely. No.
                    Thank you for the info. Chiv.

                  2. Why would they even consider a zoning change? Just to poison the county?
                    Leave the zoning alone, this would be disastrous for mercer fraser due to all the hate
                    mail etc. they would get from the citizens. Kudos to the water district for speaking up.
                    Everybody call, write the planing commission. The citizens have power, much more than
                    a planning comedian or mercer fraser.
                    Leave the zoning alone; changing the zoning would turn the beautiful county into
                    a s...hole.

                    Everybody call the planning commission, tell them no.

                  3. money money money.......weed weed weed. poison poison poison

                  4. No. They are gong to alow it. Not good. There must be
                    a different place for it. Why near the water?

                  5. Here's where we see where EPIC stands, with the environment or with the Growers.
                    This is clearly a Environment First situation.

                    1. Actually what we really see here is that the same incompetent generational greed and failed leadership for decades, which includes so called "conservatives" or "moderates" will sell their soul and community in a heartbeat. No other media, no politician and very few businesses stand up to the local greed and corruption. As I pointed out, LOCO's article was timid in comparison. Just can't blame this on environmental hypocrisy.

                    2. It is easy to be "charitable" and donate when you are hogging all the money and silencing anyone who speaks the truth and not allowing competition so you can remain king. Brian Mitchell and Alan Bongio abstained, the 3 planning commissioners who just rubber stamped Mercer Fraser's request showed their lack of character and the sellouts they are.

                  6. Amen John. Perhaps Mercer Fraser's lot between 2nd and 3rd would be and appropriate alternative?