Jan 4, 2018

"Carpathian" aka John Beideman hires private attorney Russ Clanton to represent him in his alleged child molestation case

"Carpathian" aka John Beideman has ditched his court appointed Public Defender for a private attorney, Mr. Russ Clanton.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Clanton, two of his high profile cases in Humboldt are convicted child molestor Timothy Littlefield, Jr. and convicted rapist Kailan Meserve may jog your memory.

Intervention was scheduled for alleged child molestor Beideman this afternoon. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 11. The date for preliminary was confirmed by both parties, even though Mr.
Clanton is currently in a jury trial.

Since Beideman worked as a court clerk, all the Humboldt Superior Court judges have disqualified themselves and only a Visiting Judge can hear the case. Visiting Judge Leonard LaCasse set the case to be heard next Thursday in Courtroom 4 and assigned the case to himself. If the hearing is "live", it means the victim will testify and the hearing will take one full morning. If not, it is estimated at an hour and a half. Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads told Judge LaCasse that " most likely", it will be a "live" hearing.

Mr. David Celli appeared for Mr. Clanton in court today. He said if the hearing did not conclude on Thursday, Beideman could waive his right to a "continuous prelim" and the hearing could continue Friday morning. Mr. Clanton's jury trial is only half days, in the afternoons.

Judge LaCasse told both Ms. Eads and Mr. Celli if either party wanted to disqualify him, they needed to let the court know as soon as possible since only a Visiting Judge can hear the case.

John Beideman is charged with six felony counts. Four counts of  PC 288.7(b), oral copulation/penetration on a child under 10, these allegedly happened between 2006 and 2009. Two counts of PC 288 (a), lewd acts with a child under 14. These allegedly happened between 2004 and 2009.

Previous coverage on this blog includes some details from the warrant. Testimony about those will most likely be elaborated on during preliminary.

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  1. Oh snap...He was better off with a public defender