May 1, 2017

"U're leaking bro", second People's witness testifies seeing David Josiah Lawson bleeding

Casey Gleaton, a friend of Lila Ortega, Kyle Zoellner's girlfriend said that she no longer hangs out with Ortega since "that night."

Gleaton clarified later that this was because she wanted to spend more time with her son. She is a single mom.

Gleaton described Lawson on his back, then turning over, on his fours and someone saying "U're leaking bro."

Gleaton corroborated but also contradicted some statements made by Ortega. Admitted to smoking cocaine with another friend, Naiya Wilkins.

The third witness, Wilkins corroborated some of Ortega'ss testimony and some of Gleaton's testimony. The timeline of events from arriving at the party to the time the police arrived was pretty close in Ortega and Wilkins testimony, with some key times being different in Gleaton's testimony.

There was also testimony by Gleaton that one African American male tried named Quinton tried to help Zoellner and Wilkins testified there were several people who tried to break up the fight where Zoellner was allegedly on the ground and being kicked.

Ortega said she did not try and call her phone. Both Gleaton and Wilkins said they tried calling Ortega's phone, Gleaton said after the first couple of times, "whoever had the phone, started pressing end, end."

Wilkins said it went right to voicemail.

So far no one saw a knife, no one saw Zoellner stab anyone. No one saw a gun either. Wilkins admitted that a  fourth friend Angelika McFarlan did use pepper spray when Zoellner was allegedly being attacked by either two or three guys, one the witnesses claim was Josiah.

At least two witnesses say someone said they were getting a gun who was at the party (not Zoellner or the four girls) and that Zoellner was unconscious when someone yelled a guy had been stabbed.

The one damning piece of evidence in Gleaton's testimony, if you believe her and not Ortega is that Ortega brought Zoellner's work bag in the next morning from the car. Gleaton did not know the contents but said it was chef stuff and she claims Ortega said instead of four, only three were in the bag.

Ortega claims that work bag containing chef knives were in the kitchen at the home she shared with Zoellner and a pocket knife in a drawer at home.

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