May 30, 2017

The investigation for David Josiah Lawson's case remains open and active

On May 5, the preliminary hearing concluded for the David Josiah Lawson homicide case.

Charges against the man charged in that preliminary hearing, Kyle Zoellner were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

I contacted APD today to check the status of the investigation.

APD Chief Tom Chapman responded to me:

"Hi John, the investigation remains open and active."


  1. And they will work to do a good job, interviewing witnesses, and getting to the bottom of it. Because despite the God-forsaken harpy protestors, people DO want justice. NO one wants to see a bright young college student killed. We just don't want a lynch mob going off half-cocked and then accusing an entire town of racism because they don't get to string some other poor kid up.

  2. Well, good luck to them, but I am not optimistic. Based on the testimony at the PH, APD made some mis-steps at the scene, but it's hard to blame them given that they had to deal with an unruly crowd who were, at best, uncooperative. It's hard to see how anything that might be forthcoming from DOJ is going to implicate Mr. Zoellner, such that charges can be refilled. And the fact that he was arrested and charged is going to muddy the waters with regard to charging anyone else. The bottom line is that the behavior of the people at the crime scene, the people who considered themselves Mr. Lawson's friends, has virtually ensured that no one will be held responsible for this appalling crime.

  3. Ghettoists from LA for a free HSU ride. The university thinks they'll behave like decent law abiding citizens? What a joke! This case will turn into a cold case and remain in that state until a guilty person(s) spills their beans before trying to reach Heaven. The BLM shills will post their garbage and keep the racism stirred up laughing as the do their dirty work.

  4. I keep waiting for the day when I open up a news website and see they made an arrest in this case. I feel like it will eventually happen.