May 28, 2017

"I aint fit to live"; suspect tells reporter his intention was suicide by cop

This reporter talked to the suspect.

"I aint fit to live," the suspect said. In the video, he talks about suicide by cop; that his pain was not directed at the law enforcement; "he was just there."

This is a video which describes what led up to the shooting. Not selective clips by amateurs that just fuel emotions.

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  1. I always wonder which, or if there's a faith aspect to suicide-by-cop and someone found a loophole to end their life. As in being taught that suicide of self cannot be forgiven, and/or that going out in spectacular version is the rational to them, however irrational to the rest of us end move of life. They came to the conclusion that a loophole in whatever rules exist, and they can expire by forcing the hands of others to kill them. ~TMOB