May 23, 2017

Chapala gets taken over by media today at lunchtime; ok just me, Paul, Hank and J Warren Hockaday

(image from The Odyssey online)
Who would have thought Hank Sims and I would run into each other twice in less than a week. Usually, we do not frequent the same places, unless we are getting coffee at Old Town Coffee or Hank is covering some news event.
Last Friday afternoon, I was briefly at the Humboldt Bay Tourism Center. Hank was there too, seemed he had been for a while.

Today, Paul Mann from Mad River Union and I decided to have lunch at Chapala in Old Town and compare notes on our world travels and our previous media gigs.

Hank was having lunch with KIEM General Manager and former executive director of Eureka Chamber of Commerce  J. Warren Hockaday. Paul and my lunch was quick but Hank and J were still there when we left.

I almost expected Matthew Owen to walk in with Thad Greenson. They have met before for a chat.

Some people in Humboldt have their own black and white versions of people in this town. Who talks to each other; who people are friends with; who someone is allied with; often based on assumptions and misinformation.

The reality is that is that there are shades of grey.

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  1. Anyone who has used black and white film knows that a picture without grays has no perspective. And if it's all gray, then you've found yourself in a fog with no direction.
    Glad to hear you all share a common ground while still disputing on other issues. We all need some of that in our own lives.