May 16, 2017

Silicon Valley company sued for several charges including allegations of male employees discussing sex lives and graphic descriptions of having a "boner" and needing to "rub one out"

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Elizabeth Scott is suing her former employer, a Silicon Valley online startup focusing on the virtual and augmented reality startup. Defendants named in the lawsuit are Upload Inc, the two co founders and several employees in the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco.

The lawsuit alleges unequal pay, retaliation, harrassment, and other conduct.

Excerpts from

Specifically, the male employees of UploadVR, including Mason and Freeman, would discuss their sexual exploits in graphic detail at the workplace in front of Plaintiff and other female employees. For instance, UploadVR employee [name redacted]’s sex life was a frequent topic of conversation. The other male employees would talk about how he “refuses to wear a condom” and “has had sex with over 1000 people.”

The founders and other employees are accused of speaking “sexually” about female employees right to their face, and one employee would, allegedly, talk about having “a boner” and going to the bathroom to “rub one out” in order to maintain focus. The suit clarifies that to mean “he was going to the restroom to masturbate.”

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