May 18, 2017

"The Business of Race" brought to you by HAF ,True North Organizing Network and who else?

From Brenda Urueta's Linkedin Profile:

Arcata, California - ‎Community Organizer - Humboldt Coastal Area - ‎True North Organizing Network

From Humboldt Area Foundation website:

"Humboldt Area Foundation is the community foundation of and for the citizens of the Humboldt, Trinity and Wild Rivers regions. We promote and encourage generosity, leadership and inclusion to strengthen our communities. "


  1. I see True North Organizing is finally legit with the CA State Registry of Charities.
    Their filing shows Renee Saucedo as Lead Organizer with an annual salary of $55,000.
    But a CR news release states: College of the Redwoods is happy to announce the hiring of Renee Saucedo as the new Director of Student Equity and Success.........Recently, Saucedo worked as the Director of Social Services for the Wiyot Tribe, and was a community organizer with the True North Organizing Network (PICO). Probably a wise change on her part.

  2. They're trying really hard to make something where there is none. Starting rumors of KKK groups, calling McKinleyville a 'raaaaaaacist' community. That must be where the money is now, the environment seems to have fallen out of favor. Saucedo is a trained shit-stirrer. This is disgusting, and she is bad for the community.

    1. Saucedo certainly has found a profitable niche for herself; being paid to stir the social pot for the sake of stirring it. SJWs are the new P.T. Barnums it would seem. Where can I sign up? I can start all sorts of issues for the right price. ~TMOB