May 17, 2017

Jon Goldberg jury trial for 2016 case continued to October; 995 motion anticipated; motion to consolidate continued again

The motion to consolidate both of Jon Goldberg's cases was rescheduled for today. At the May 11 hearing, Mr. Casey Russo said he would be filing a motion to continue the 2016 case. That motion was filed on May 12.

Motion to consolidate continued once again to June 12, and Mr. Russo has said he will be filing a 995 motion to dismiss both counts in the 2017 case, that motion is also scheduled for June 12.

People did not object to the motion to continue. New jury trial date October 2 at 9:15. Trial confirmation on September 20 at 8:30 a.m.

May 11, 2017

Jon Goldberg to be arraigned on 2017 case this morning; also motion to consolidate both his cases on today

Both of Jon Goldberg's cases were scheduled this morning in Courtroom 5. The 2016 case, in which he is charged with the death of Tim Smith and the 2017 case in which his wife is the alleged victim.
The 2016 case has a motion for joinder. The 2017 case is araignment on information.

Jon Goldberg was only held to answer on two out of three charges after his preliminary in the 2017 case where his alleged wife is the victim and refused to
The complaint for arraignment on information for the 2017 case for the jury trial has two counts, one felony with a special allegation. Count 2 is a misdemeanor and a different charge than those in the complaint for preliminary hearing.

I reported on that a week ago.

At the hearing a no guilty plea was entered by Mr. Casey Russo for Goldberg. The motion to consolidate rescheduled for May 17 since Mr. Russo, Goldberg's attorney will be filing a motion to continue in the 2016 case.

No other media was in court.

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  1. This trial is taking on the life of a "Kitchen style" trial. Delays delays delays.