May 26, 2017

New plaintiff expected to take over the case Leo Sears had filed against Greg Dale and other Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioners

I have not been following this case since October. Picture above lists dates and developments. It was on calendar this morning for another case management conference.

I spoke with Mr. Bill Bertain, attorney for Leo Sears, who had filed the suit. With  Sears passing away, a new plaintiff is expected to take over the case. Due to his health, Sears had prepared paperwork to enable someone else to take over the case.

Next hearing is on June 23rd. Visiting Judge Arvid Johnson gave Mr. Bertain four weeks to file the paperwork necessary to appoint a new plaintiff.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Mr. Sears had done valuable work and glad to see he planned ahead so his work can continue. Look forward to more updates on this matter.