May 19, 2017

Someone decided the side of Herrick overpass needed graffiti

(Reader submitted photo)

Reader took the photo by the "old produce place near side of Herrick overpass, just south of Eureka KMART"


  1. City or County, whoever this property belongs to they need to remove this immediately to let these dumb ass hats that justice or not your not going to do this to our public property or private property for that matter. This is no way to get justice, this is THUG LIFE. Is this how their friend Josiah would respond?

  2. everybody supects it: elijah chandler is the murderer
    look at his guilty behavior

    confess elijah

    1. Maybe not, but it's a good bet he and some others know who is and are covering with their BS stories.

  3. This somewhat reminds me of some graffiti I saw carved into the wall inside a bathroom stall. It was the words "native pride". The carving itself was so counter to the message it was meant to carry, almost as if it was a joke. As Jordan Peterson said recently in the Joe Rogan podcast "they are quite admirably discrediting themselves".

  4. race hatred being stokes by a few idiots assholes. Paint over the dam wall and set up cameras.