May 21, 2017

Concerned citizen wants to know why EPD hasn't called him back; claims Zane is doing nothing either

"This is at Zane .  My niece (ME) or
(MH) is the girl yanked to the ground on her head and neck. The thing that yanked her to the ground is named (HA) .  The school so far is doing nothing about it and it really infuriates me.  EPD has yet to see this video as they have not returned any calls yet!!!   If your child goes to Zane Middle School this might open your eyes a bit.  This girl needs to be punished!!!!"

This was posted by Matt Dimmick on Facebook. I  using initials of the students involved in the text on the blog. I have contacted him with some follow up questions.

Since it is the weekend and this is not an emergency hapoening now, I will follow up with the Suprintendent and EPD tomorrow.

This was brought to my attention by concerned parents.


  1. Good luck. A family member, a nice young lady,was almost stabbed by a boy, and the following day he brought a bullet and said he would "put it in her head". This was at EHS. There were multiple meetings with counselors, the principal, even the superintendent, and even got a restraining order. They were told "the boy desevered an education". This young lady was home schooled for the next 2 years.(and learned way more then at EHS) When she went back for her senior year, her parents had to fight to get the restraining order honored... good luck getting help, they sure couldn't get any. A lot of BS about training - which does nothing, and a superintendent full of excuses.

  2. It would be interesting to see what was happening before this video was recorded. Sure, it's a cheap attack. But maybe there were other cheap(er) attacks that led up to it. I need more evidence before I take sides on this. As it is now, it's one-sided.

  3. It doesn't matter what happened before the video was shot, because this behavior is not okay. She should be expelled and everyone standing around should be suspended.
    Let the Megan girl be judged separately, based off any evidence that exists.
    Stop blaming the victim.

  4. hmmmm.... seems like you want to cover up facts, instead of illuminating the discussion with them. What are you wishing to hide?

  5. Eeveryone standing around" = the so-called "victim"

  6. "Let the Megan girl be judged separately, based off any evidence that exists."

    Exactly. Let's see the ENTIRE video... instead of the manicured, one-sided version.

    "Stop blaming the victim" : who is the victim? Without all evidence, it would be stupid to assume something.

    1. You sound like a teacher or an administrator.

  7. Well, the victim in the video is clearly the girl who got her head bashed into the ground.

  8. Yes - in THAT manicured section of A video.... she was assaulted. But maybe she was a bully & engaging in gang activity. Maybe one of the REAL victims decided to strike back when she had enough. Don't be emotional over it... you might get fooled. Let's see the ENTIRE altercation, not just one side.

  9. I know Megan personally. She is not involved in gangs are bullying. This is a vicious attack. Megan now has bleeding on the brain and could be effected for the rest of her life.