May 20, 2017

Fire department hosed off blood on 3rd street and the alleged stabbing did not happen at the rear of Lost Coast Brewery

Could not reach anyone at EPD yet but found out more about the incident at 3rd and I last night from people who witnessed some of what happened.

The incident culminated near this corner of Third and I, in front of Humboldt Honey Wine. There may have some surveilance video, don't know if the police have any, yet.

People who live near this corner heard yelling, and what sounded like two cars racing. When they looked outside one car took off and the guy with the other car was on his cell phone.

The blood on the street was hosed off by the Fire Department.

Email response from EPD Captain Steve Watson : (I thank him for responding on a weekend, for something that could have waited until Monday)

On 5/19/2017 at about 11:31 pm, officers were dispatched to the 600 block of 4th Street for a subject reporting he had been stabbed.

The victim was transported to a local Hospital for non-life threatening lacerations to both his forearms and his chest/stomach. The victim reported he confronted a dark colored Jeep SUV after they threw a beer can at his vehicle while driving on 4th Street. He pulled in front of the SUV while they drove on 3rdStreet between H and I streets. The victim engaged two of the suspects in a physical altercation and when it was over, discovered he had been stabbed. He was unable to provide a thorough description of the assailants but provided a vehicle plate that returned to a rental car.
A beer can and a knife were located at the scene and collected as possible evidence.


  1. Damn ! What time of the day Friday did this happen ?