May 18, 2017

The women who filmed the video at Ocean View explain why and what they hope to see happen in the future

I am linking the complete video because the two women that filmed it yesterday, did it out of love and concern for the community and they deserve their entire unedited version to be seen.

As they say in the video, they do not want the men fired.  Watch it for more.

Kate is one of the many community members I have met through this blog who gets valuable information out to our community every day. I thank her for caring.

Yes, they gave me a shout out in the video and I appreciate  their professionalism in giving proper credit and their gratitude.

What I appreciate more is the steady support from Kate and my readers who care about me daily, as a person.

The community is why I do this blog.

Despite the rancor often expressed online in comments, that is not representative of this community. Kate is, you are, and local community news is the best kind.


  1. John - It will be interesting to see what the Ocean View Cemetery administration has to say about this when they are contacting the Veteran's Groups for planning the upcoming 2017 Memorial Day Ceremonies.

    I am sure those of us Veterans there for the Memorial Day Ceremony in our uniforms or without, will want to ask questions about this issue of playing golf in the Veteran's section of Ocean View Cemetery. Let alone the discussions happening among the local Veterans before then.

    Once again thank you for providing coverage on local issues that do not show up in the local news outlets here on the North Coast!

    Big D

  2. John - Have you reached out to any local Veteran's Group for comment? I want to hear what they have to say. This is a BIG story. Thank you for being on top of it. No one else respects veterans. Prove that you do. Thank you.

    P.S. It might be good to see if the Eureka City Council can do anything about this.

    1. Anon, see the comment above. Your idea is good. Let's see what followup Ocean View does, and if the Eureka City Council members or the Eureka Chamber of Commerce have anything to say.

    2. John - I trust you know what you are doing. You always do such a good job. Good idea about the Chamber of Commerce. You could go to a meeting and raise holy hell and that might make them act. Hopefully you will email some people about this. Look forward to another story.

    3. Being a Marine Corps Vet having participated with and been a member in a few of the various local Veterans Service Organizations, I will try to reach out to my fellow local Vets to pass along this story of the employees playing golf among the graves in the Veterans section of Ocean View Cemetery. The video evidence is difficult to dispute! To me those sure looked like golf clubs in the employee's hand.

      Most of the local Veterans Organizations only meet once a month, yet there will soon be several meetings including local veterans to coordinate the various 2017 Memorial Day Ceremonies throughout Humboldt County, with one of them occurring at Ocean View Cemetery.

      Plus I imagine this unfolding story will be a topic of discussion down at the local VA Clinic waiting room in Eureka.

    4. Here is a closer look Big D at what the man in the video was holding.

  3. John - Thanks again!

    I just sent the links to some members of the local posts of The VFW, The American Legion, The Marine Corps League, and the local Veteran's Honor Guard.

  4. By the way.....HAS ANYONE seen a golf ball in that video?? I'm pretty sure I can answer that for all....NO!!!! There was no golf ball. The club was found by the grounds crew and they guy took a swing. Oh and by the way neither of them are golfers. Had these ladies videoing this just asked them none of this would have even been an issue!!

    1. I am pretty sure that no one wants you to answer for them. Had you paid attention to the reporting or the video, the women did try and talk to the men. Unless you have xray vision and super sight and/or are psychic, you are either one of the men involved or someone who knows them. The men are not being paid to golf. Even if they just found a golf club, which you have not proved, they are not being paid to tee off at work. They can golf on their own time at a golf course.