May 24, 2017

New menu will be up at Surfside Burger Shack tomorrow; homemade fries , local grass fed beef and a twist on the garden burger

Go check out the new menu at Surfside Burger Shack tomorrow.

They now have local grass fed beef purchased from Eel River. Homemade fries and beer battered onion rings. A garden burger with a potato cheese patty.

Daniel Dixon and Amanda Fernandez made the decision last November to buy Surfside Burger Shack, located at 445 Fifth Street in Eureka.

In just a few months, the changes are attracting newer customers and having former patrons come back to check out the new and improved menu.


  1. DSo glad Chad is out of that place. He was the worlds largest douche nozzle.

    1. I am glad Chad is out of there too. The new owners have already improved the place. He could share that title with quite a few in Humboldt though.