May 12, 2017

Josiah's family and the community deserve answers & justice despite the actions of Elijah Chandler, HSU, most BU members and protestors

Kudos to David Josiah Lawson's mother and brother, who are conducting themselves with such grace in the aftermath of unexpectedly losing a family member.

Pastor Phil Griggs spoke eloquently about healing, justice and showed an example to the protestors by his words on the meeting with Humboldt County District Attorney DA Maggie Fleming.

Yesterday's protest was peaceful, however, there are reports of people engaging some motorists and courtgoers in a negative fashion that were personally told to me. Kudos to Ms. Lawson, Josiah's mother, as well as his pastor letting those who have chosen to protest know that they want justice but peaceful protests.

Note the absence of Barbara Singleton and Tina Sampay yesterday and the peaceful protest.

I do have some questions not for Josiah's family, but others.

1. Michael Fennell certainly seems to have adjusted his attitude and words since last week. Is this for real or show?

2. Why is Elijah Chandler involved everytime he can get more media coverage and why is he including himself in this meeting with the DA? He is not family.
Everyone at that party, including Elijah Chandler could be considered a potential suspect. He was a witness, why is he tainting this investigation by being involved? Was he present at the meeting with the DA? As a key witness for the preliminary hearing, he had no business talking to the media. That did affect the People's case. If he is interested in Justice for Josiah, he needs to stop seeking so much attention for himself and actually do something to help the investigation.

3. I don't know who prepared that pamphlet but it has some inaccuracies/questions and since Alex Foster led the protest yesterday, maybe he could answer. I didn't get the pamphlet and I won't assume that what Andrew Goff represented about the pamphlet in today's post is accurate.

(a)  I will not defend LOCO but Rhonda Parker is an exception, I wish she wasn't reporting for them because she deserves better. She is an excellent reporter who has experience for years and written for other media, way before LOCO existed.
Just because you don't like the coverage, you don't get to call it sensational. Just because one media source prints what protestors want and their version only, it does not make them accurate or correct coverage. Rhonda, North Coast News, myself and others, all reported court testimony.  Many of us have worked in traditional journalism and outside the Humboldt bubble.

(b) The fact that Officer McKenzie wore gloves and it wasn't his fingerprint was established in court testimony. If whoever prepared that pamphlet had actually paid attention, they would know it. I know I reported it. What this shows is that protestors are not interested in facts, they either do not read media coverage or read selectively.

(c) Why are these protestors still obsessed with Zoellner and the girls with him being arrested?  Why are they not asking for Renalyn Bobadilla and others like Paris Wright who were also implicated in court testimony for assault to be arrested?

(d)  Why are Brother United members not coming forward to answer what they know about the owner of the house or others they know attending the party.

(e) Had Elijah Chandler and others not fueled the racial rhetoric that night and for the last month, a proper investigation could have been conducted.

(f) Yes, APD, HSU should have sent more officers, not let anyone leave the scene, checked the house but  the people yelling at the police could have helped; instead they hindered. They made it unsafe for the ambulance to come in, they interfered with life saving efforts. Those seconds and actions could have made the difference in saving Josiah.

If there is to be healing, those claiming Justice for Josiah, need to listen and follow the example of Josiah's family and pastor. Stop pointing fingers, stop impeding the investigation and stop verbally attacking the media and rest of the community.


  1. you nailed it, as usual, John!

  2. regarding LOCO (lost coast outpost) ... I've never seen a more devoted & gullible bunch of fascists in my life. Those libturds exist to cause division and hate. Look at their fucked-up agenda. They WANT people to turn in marijuana grows spotted from Google satellite images. They WANT people to turn in neighbors who water the lawn on the "wrong day" (according to scientist & well-known conservationist, Jerry Moonbeam Brown). They demand forced vaccinations, despite the overwhelming evidence of the dangers. They purposely try to icite racial turmoil & hatred in our community. Simply put - they are bullying fascists. Their agenda is to destroy all that is good for the sake of "social justice". Give me a break - they are nothing but fascist scumbags.

    1. You forgot that they published names of people who wanted to get permits for growing marijuama and who owns these properties. Still businesses in this area continue to advertise on LOCO and Lost Coast Communications. Instead of supporting media that actually bring people information.

  3. this family deserves justice, and that is not going to happen with the BLM group, the "brothers" , and other idiots who are protesting, and getting in the way of investigations. Some of the group seem to only want media time... Interesting that Chandler is inserting himself into everything, kind of like how a fire bug stays behind to see, and attempts to help put out a fire they caused.... HMMM... have the police even taken his prints yet...

    1. Also, these protestors need to realize it took years for the Warren case, the Bullock case to go to trial. It took ten months to finally have a preliminary for Marci Kitchen. Building a solid case takes time. These are only few examples. They got a preliminary in two weeks and are complaining. FBI and DOJ will take months, maybe years to investigate. What will they do protest for years every day? They need to remember others have suffered tragedy, unexpected loss. I also want to know how many of these protesters are local or plan to stay in this community after they graduate?

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    3. Just learned from listening to the recording of the Arcata "listening session" on LoCO that Kenya James Nunley, who runs the Humboldt State African American Center for Academic Excellence, dropped an insinuation that Zoellner killed Lawson as part of some Klan initiation. Yes, really. That scumbag is unfit to be working at HSU.

    4. Do you have a link so I can listen too? I must have missed this.

    5. Anon listened to the recording on Lost Coast Outpost.

  4. Looks like Elijah = SUSPECT #1

    I like how they are letting him talk & incriminate himself.
    What a gullible fool.

  5. What's with the pic?
    Everybody knows that 'Brothers United' is a group for GAY blacks.
    Why are they hiding that?
    Too black... too strong.... yeah . uh-huh.
    Josiah was probably killed by a jealous boyfriend.
    just savage.

  6. Interesting that LOCO closes Thunderdome for comments on this case repeatedly but not any other case. If they cared about what was commented, they wouldn't allow 90% of the garbage on Toiletdome and the same commenters with multiple identies to comment in that section.

  7. What about justice for Lila? If I had my phone stolen by someone not from here id be pissed!!!

    1. There has been no proof or testimony offered that her phone was stolen. It was missing. Nor has there been proof or testimony that it was taken by someone not from here.