May 21, 2017

So while asking for more "inclusive language", it is okay to diss people from Mckinleyville?

Centro del Pueblo's Daniela Vargas told Arcata City Council that she feels uneasy when people from Mckinleyville come to Arcata. (Hear her exact words in the video linked below)

According to a Times article in April, "Centro del Pueblo leader and immigrant right's activist Renee Saucedo" spoke at an Arcata City Council meeting asking for Arcata to create an ordinance about being a sanctuary city, not a resolution. 

In a LOCO article in April by Amy Berkowitz, Daniela Vargas is listed as Centro del Pueblo Secretary and the Sanctuary Cities Chair.

Thank you Operation Safe Streets for posting this video clip of the Arcata Council meeting.

(Photo from Centro del Pueblo Humboldt Facebook page)


  1. Maybe she should can finally understand how U.S. Citizens feel about illegal aliens. ...
    Probably not, but it's a pleasure to state the obvious.

    1. please fix my typo!

      : ^ )

    2. Unfortunately Blogger does not have an edit function so I published your comments.

      Typos and smartphones go hand in hand. I make them, and I don't always fix them,especially in comments. We are human, expressing our thoughts fast sometimes. And on this blog,I value honest and true responses.

  2. REMEMBER THIS: If the Arcata City Council - or the Eureka City Council, or Board of Supervisors - even remotely considers becoming a Sanctuary City, KNOWING that it means losing precious Federal dollars, IT MEANS THEY DON'T NEED THE MONEY, REMEMBER THIS NEXT TIME THEY ARE CRYING POOR AND ASKING FOR A TAX INCREASE. THEY'VE JUST ADMITTED THEY CAN GET BY WITHOUT A VERY LARGE CHUNK OF MONEY. It's nice to know. NO more Measure Z's, no more adding on to the sales tax, no more raising fees. They're good with less.

    As for Saucedo, it appears there's suddenly big money in ramping up the race meme. She is trained and paid to stir this shit up, and no one should help her do it.

    1. By now you know there is a court decision which reiterates that spending power is vested in Congress, not the President.