May 29, 2017

A cafe in North Carolina takes extra food donated from local restaurants to feed the homeless

(Photo: Citizen Times)

Extra food from restaurants in North Carolina donated to feed the homeless.


  1. Limiting to local health codes... I think many restaurants, hospitals, schools etc would donate their end-of-their-day food to shelters and soup kitchens. This would require the shelter and soup kitchen to be there, with their own containers, at the end of the day. This would require a volunteer who is willing to do this on a regular schedule. Depending on the amount of food, to whom and where it was given could require the dishes to be served in individual containers. And this requires another volunteer. Volunteers are in short supply in these here parts. I do think the local businesses would be open to it.

    1. This is where California over regulations hinder. Health codes are fine but work with volunteers and businesses in such a situation instead of constantly asking the public for money. Groups like AHAA and others who have time to protest and get interviewed by media should step up. Does Food not Bombs have a permit or abide by health codes when they serve food? Businesses could also work with the Rescue Mission, Betty Chin. There are solutions if people are willing to put in the time. See the difference between the homeless in North Carolina and here, no attitude, gratitude and no one drunk or high.