May 17, 2017

Video posted of maintenance men at Ocean View Cemetery doing this?

Kate Newton posted this on Humboldt County on Alert:

"Today we caught something disturbing on video. Maintenance men at Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka golfing on top of graves in the veteran's section. When we realized what was happening and started heading their way, they immediately grabbed their clubs and ball and went to their vehicles. If they'll golf on veteran's graves, what else are they doing where our loved ones are? "

Here's the video:

Just spoke with Kate, who has this comment up on the page as well. "My mom spoke with the guy working. He said 'no, they're trimming up there today'. My mom said 'no, they were golfing, we have it on video' to which he replied something along the lines of 'well we don't agree with that'.

She added that her mom went inside,"He's always been nice" from what her mom has said to her previously "but he got defensive when m y momtold him about the golfing. He tried to deny it until my mom told him we have video."

I will update with comment Ocean View Cemetery, if I get a response. Have sent them an email listed at their Eureka Chamber listing.

I also sent this to both TV stations, North Coast News KAEF and Channel 3 KIEM as well as Times Standard.


  1. That's a bunch of bull crap! I hope everyone sees this one the news. They should be fired. Seriously. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Several of those graves are (Veteran) relatives of mine. If it turns out theirs were turned into tee spots, there's going to be hell to pay. ~TMOB

  3. I would think my uncle that is buried out there would actually think this was great. Now on the other hand the people who constantly take their many dogs out there and use it as a dog park allowing their dogs to do their business all over and not even clean up after them is a much worse issue. If these guys were hitting a few golf balls on my grave I would NOT have a problem with it. Hit away guys......FOURRRRRR