May 10, 2017

"She put her own needs well before the girls she left behind. The failure to accept responsibility was consistent."

"The court has ample evidence Ms. Kitchen was driving a jeep; she was driving while she was intoxicated."

Deputy District Attorney referred to testimony by Fortuna Police Department Sgt. Kadle and CHP Officer William Chase Adams regarding Marci Kitchen's intoxication.

"Furthermore, Ms. Kitchen's own son" testified that immediately after exiting the vehicle, he knew his mother was intoxicated.

Referring to the imprints on the back of Faith Tsarnas' legs;  and stating "the distance these young ladies flew was extremely substantive", Ms. Eads said rhat Marci Kitchen was driving at a high rate of speed.

"Ms. Kitchen's own children skateboarded on a road where she opted to drive while at a high rate of speed."

Ms. Eads said had Marci Kitchen been driving at a safe speed, like other drivers, she would have been able to spot the girls, and avoid the collision.

"Immediately after the collision, Ms. Kitchen slows down and pulls over. "

"What does she do, she choses to flee the scene, when she arrives at her residence, she knew she struck something and starts making up stories." Ms. Eads added, Marci Kitchen could have been making up stories, "perhaps when she called her boyfriend."

"She knew what she hit; her passenger knew what she hit; she hit someone, she chose to leave.

Ms. Eads brought up the fact that Marci Kitchen covered up evidence and even convinced her son to conceal evidence.

"She returns to the scene playing the role of victim, all the time knowing she had hit the girls."

"She had contact with law enforcement; she had multiple opportunities to tell them, she chose not to do that."

"Part of the reason she did that is because if law enforcement had known they would have conducted field sobriety tests and blood analysis."

"She put her own needs well before the girls she left behind. The failure to accept respinsibility was consistent."


  1. Thank you again John for this up to date coverage. You are the best!

  2. Thank you John for your coverage. I was there in the courtroom these last three days supporting Faith's family during this time and find your reporting to be spot on and exactly what I also saw and heard.

    1. Thank so much, John! What a terrible excuse for a human being, Marci is!