May 22, 2017

Forget that Public Defender gig ; Judge Elvine-Kreis starts June 2

Deputy Conflict Counsel Greg Elvine-Kreis, who had applied for Humboldt County Public Defender, did not get that position. He has moved on to greener pastures.

He will be a Humboldt County Superior Court Judge, effective June 2.

County of Humboldt Press Release (3:32 p.m.):

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the appointment of Gregory J. Elvine-Kreis to a judgeship in the Humboldt County Superior Court.
Elvine-Kreis, 47, of Arcata, has been supervising attorney at the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office since 2013, where he served as a deputy public defender from 2010 to 2013. He was an associate at the Law Offices of Mark Berg from 2003 to 2010. Elvine-Kreis earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University. He fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge W. Bruce Watson. Elvine-Kreis is a Democrat.
 The compensation for this position is$191,612.


  1. Given that he comes from the P.D. office, and a Brown appointee, should we expect an expansion of "catch and release" style of sentencing for criminals that ought to be doing jail time? ~TMOB

  2. Yep. More importantly given his personal philosophy. Fortunately, he won't be in criminal courts right away. Even as a Judge, while he has some discretion, there are laws even Judges have to follow. Any local applicant, that I know of that applied would have be of the same mentality. We have at least three other vacancies coming up, and I hope we have a Governor with a brain and more applicants who have more balance by then.

  3. Given the recent laws I'd suggest that the DA's office work with the HCSO so that ALL the charges are big ones so there are no little charges for the sentencing to use as defaults...
    If someone steals something, don't use the value of the item as it was, use the cost of replacement. Think like an auto repair shop: Go for the higher priced items. Businesses can depreciate equipment but ordinary people can' if Tony Thief takes my chainsaw and the defense lawyer says it's only worth $____ which makes it a misdemeanor, the ADA says the owner just had it turned up, a new chain installed and the victim needed the chainsaw for his work so its value to him was greater than that proposed by the defense as it was a tool required for employment...add in the case, files for sharpening the chain, oil for lubrication, and assorted other tools needed which to replace today would cost in excess of $1000, so it isn't a misdemeanor offense.

    And in the mean time (waiting for a good Governor--if there is one), go after the people in Sacramento to get them to change the laws that are allowing criminals to be released early and worse.

    1. That wouldn't be legal.

  4. I am glad to see this appointment. Although my interactions with our new judge have been somewhat limited, what I have seen is a very level-headed, easy to talk to, forthright person. I believe he will serve our community well.