May 24, 2017

Nicholas Leigl trial confirmation continued at request of defense

Trial confirmation was scheduled this morning for Nicholas Leigl. Jury trial is scheduled for June 5. Continued to 5/31 at request of defendant. Leigl is one of four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide case.

The People made an offer and Leigl's attorney, Mr. Michael Acosta will discuss that with Leigl.

On May 15, Judge Marilyn Miles dismissed Count 1, the murder charge and the special allegation.

The only charge left against Leigl is Count 2 is accessory after the fact with special allegation that "offense was committed for the benefit, at the direction of, an in association with a criminal street gang."

Mr. Michael Acosta is representing Leigl.

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  1. I know a lot of people disagree, but this guy doesn't deserve to be locked up for what happened. The stabbing occurred where he lived/stayed. Nobody wants somebody stabbed at their home. What happened when he took the kid towards the hospital is anybody's guess.

    1. He did not live where the stabbing occurred, it was his girlfriend's apartment.