May 25, 2017

Texas Congressman calls for removal of Del Norte Judge Follett while CA lawmakers stay silent

Of course, none of our California lawmakers, especially Democrats like Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Kamala Harris, Congressman Huffman, Senator Mike McGuire or Assemblyman Jim Wood spoke on this issue.

Mooonbeam is too busy letting criminals out on the street and Kamala is too busy worrying about funding illegals' legal expenses. This while California roads crumble. They need to focus on California problems, which is why they were elected.

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  1. "Del Norte District Attorney Dale Trigg said Follett believed the stigma of Bruder's conviction along with mandatory sex offender registration requirements would be enough to keep Bruder and others from making another similar mistake in the community. Trigg said he couldn't disagree more with the decision. "

    what bs. sexual predators reoffend time and time again. that's why megans list was invented, as a way to let the public know there is someone in their neighborhood who is a danger to themselves and their loved ones.

    studies have proven that sex offenders who have been castrated chemically will still find a way to abuse those they have in their sites.
    it's about power, not about sex.

    they can not be rehabilitated.