May 1, 2017

"I hope that guy dies"

Casey Gleaton said she asked one person she claimed was the owner of the house about Lila Ortega's missing phone and if they could do anything."They said it's your fault."

However Naiya Wilkins, who testified later, said people were sympathetic.

Gleaton said the two guys on the porch"were getting upset", when Kyle Zoellner asked them about Lila Ortega's phone and if they had seen it. "They started getting aggressive."

Other key quotes:

"I saw one of the guys punch Kyle,", said,Gleaton. "Kyle got knocked into a car."

"I vaguely remember someone saying, "that bitch pepper sprayed me"

"When Kyle got knocked out, I handed Angelica my phone and told her to get away from the party and call 911."

"He kind of looked like he got knocked the fuck out."

Gleaton said the four girls were concerned about Zoellner's condition and "we thought Kyle wasn't getting any medical treatment."

She said Lila Ortega distraught about Zoellner did say, "I hope that guy dies" and Gleaton is the only one today who said,Ortega, said this a few times.

"I told her if she doesn't shut her mouth; I might just be the one to smack her."

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