May 1, 2017

"What did you do to them? Our eyes are burning?"

There were three new pieces of information in Naiya Wilkins testimony. One that she and Ortega got kicked by people while trying to protect Kyle Zoellner, who was on the ground. The other was about pepper spray being used. The third, an alleged statement made by the guys, who all three witnesses claim hit Zoellner first, after he asked about his girlfriend's phone.

Naiya Wilkins said, the woman identified by Ortega and Wilkins as the alleged victim, "Josiah girlfriend" asked the above question to Zoellner, Ortega and Ortega's three friends.

Wilkins said, "I said yes."

It was in Wilkins testimony that she first confirmed that pepper spray was used before the woman (identified by Ortega and Wilkins as Josiah's girlfriend) fought with Ortega because Angelika McFarlan and Wilkins were trying to get the guys away from Zoellner. All three witnesses today said these guys hit Zoellner first, knocking him onto the hood of a car.

Wilkins said, Zoellner said to the guys on the porch, "Hey, Hey my girl lost my phone. If you happen to see one, let us know.

She said the guys responded, "We are not having a good night, leave us alone."

She said Zoellner said, "We are just asking if you have seen it.'

Lila Ortega, Zoellner's girlfriend said, "We are just asking if you have seen it; you don't have to get aggressive."

It is as this point, Wilkins said Zoellner got punched and pushed into the car.

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