May 5, 2017

Submitted a complaint against this guy who just snapped a photo of me after ruling on Zoellner case on 2nd floor, then says this to me outside on 4th Street

I have already documented and submitted complaints against Mr. White Guy who continued his harassing behavior, even today as I covered the David Lawson case.

Thanks to the internet found the name of Mr. White Guy but only this article with name and  photo, that man is Michael Fennell.

Here is a link to North Coast News video with Fennell.

Then after the case was dismissed against Kyle Zoellner, this guy who was on the second floor just tried to take a photograph of me while I was checking the court computers. That is prohibited on the second floor. Is he also related to this case?

Ten minutes later, as I walked out on 4th street side, he was there. I walked up to him and said, "Do you know you you are not supposed to take photos on the second floor?

"Did you take a photo of me?"

He turned to his girl with him and said, "You hear something?"

I told him I was going to take his photo file a complaint and started to take his photo. She tried to block his face.

I finally got a photo.

As I walked to the corner, he yelled, "Bye John Chiv."

I dont know who is but when I saw him, the first thought I had was, didn't I see him at the courthouse this week attending the Zoellner trial?

I have sent his photo and what occurred to Court administration, Sgt. Todd Dokweiler, Sheriff William Honsal and the Sgt in charge of Courthouse security.


  1. Nice San Jose State jacket. Pretty distinct looking fellow. Shouldn't be hard to ID him.

  2. looks like a picture of a thief that has been on humboldt thieves

  3. looks like a trouble maker. you are doing great John, or they wouldn't come after you

  4. That is a guy???

  5. Lost Coast Outpost posted a quote from this Michael Fennell character that blames the decision in part on a judge "with no imagination". He sounds like a bit of a nut. What a ridiculous statement.

    1. And the two other people who were interviewed with him are Barbara Singleton and Tina Sampay. Both, who I mentioned in a Monday post with Fennell, who at that time I knew as "Mr. White Guy." None of these people are related to Lawson yet want to be front and center to speak to media.

    2. Guilty SJW racists is what they are. They are so overblown with their own reverse-racism... they don't know up from down. Yes, I'm talking about the Arcata City Council.

    3. I know Michael and his wife Sharon. They are a bit out there for sure. Seems weird they are all wound up in this case!

  6. Loco always kisses up to liberals and minorities. Bias.