May 5, 2017

Complaint against Kyle Zoellner dismissed; not held to answer on charges

Judge Dale Reinholtsen explained what the probable cause is and that "the evidence needs to establish sufficient cause that the defendant committed every element of the cause."

After reading legal definitions, Judge Reinholtsen said, "I have reviewed the evidence submitted. It has been somewhat confusing and contradictory."

"This event took place April 15, approximately 16 days ago. That is not adequate time for testing all the physical evidence; only a handful of approximately 100 people were interviewed."
"I am not suggesting anyone is not being truthful. " Judge Reinholtsen said part of the reason the testimony was confusing and contradictory was that it was at a party, there were different levels of sobriety, very traumatic and emotional events occurred.

Judge Reinholtsen ruled there was not sufficient evidence  to hold Kyle Zoellner to answer for the murder of David Josiah Lawson or to find the special allegation true, as charged. The complaint was dismissed.

Judge Reinholtsen said, "This is not to say that evidence will not be developed in the future."

"Obviously we know Mr. Lawson was killed; stabbed to death; by someone at that party."

He gave a fairly lengthy explaination on the evidence he reviewed and said his ruling was based on evidence presented at this time.

Judge Reinholtsen concluded by saying, "As already expressed by both attorneys, given the emotions and trauma of this case, " he gave credit to the way everyone testified and said it "spoke to their credibility."

After the ruling, some people supporting Zoellner cheered briefly. Mostly, everyone left the courtroom quietly.


  1. Wow. How did the courtroom react?

  2. Hooray the truth wins out in the end

  3. Some people will be upset about this, and they will of course claim he is being let go because he is white. It is worrisome that he could be in danger.

  4. I am sure that all interested parties will receive this news with the grace and poise which have been so much in evidence during the pendency of these proceedings.

  5. Makes sense to hold off a trial at this point. They can always revisit this case when more information comes out. He was never tried, so no double jeopardy. I tend to believe he didn't knife anyone, and think someone in the crowd that night had to have seen something more than they are sharing.

  6. Maybe charges should be brought against the guys who beat the cap out of Kyle. Heck, prosecution should be easy, they all came foreward for their 5 min of fame, bragging about what they did to him to any news that would listen... so glad the truth came out. Will be interesting to see if the "brothers" riot

  7. God is good! Now let's hope there is no retaliation and that Josiah's family can find justice and peace.

  8. Horray... Now maybe the police can focus on finding the real killer.... maybe one of Lawson's so called "friends" who got in the way when he needed care... Maybe they should all be charged with the vicious attack on Kyle that they all seem to be so proud of doing.

  9. Thank you for providing calm and clear coverage on this, John. The other blogs (Kym excepted)have joined in the dog pile on Zoellner. Anyone who disagrees is banned (hello LoCo!)As for anonymous posting, I've been threatened due to an offhanded comment made to friend (face to face, private conversation) so I know something about intimidation in and around the courthouse.

  10. If the knife found under the mustang was from Zoellner's cutlery set in his car, then knowledge of its whereabouts only applies to the occupants of the when they all arrived for the party. No one else would know where it was located in the car. A person with malicious intent used that knife-question and fingerprint all the car's occupants.

    1. they don't even know if the 10' knife they found under the car IS the murder weapon.