Nov 2, 2016

Man who assaulted security in Mckinleyville not on must go list but hasn't made bail either, victims seeks TRO

The District Attorney's office has received the law enforcement report on Scott Joseph Crane.

He was on the must go list to be arraigned by November 3 but he isn't on it , as of today for the DA's office.

The case is still pending, as of noon, and no charges have been filed, yet.

I called the jail. Crane is still in custody. He has not made bail.

More than two sources, close to the alleged victim have confirmed that a temporary restraining order is being sought.

I am checking on his arraignment status.

3:58 p.m. update: DA Maghie Fleming confirmed Crane will be arraigned tomorrow.

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  1. Your the only journalist, John Chiv!