Oct 11, 2016

Mobile home item on agenda presentation continued until next week

The analysis of certification of petition, mobile home park space rent stabilization is  continued from the agenda this morning until next week since "staff is ill".

On August 9, the Board of Supervisors voted to put Measure V, the mobile home rent control ordinance on the November ballot.

Today, was just an informational presentation, no vote.

This is a statement Supervisor Ryan Sundberg made about his vote on Measure V in November.

"This is on our agenda this morning. Our staff did a study of this measure and it will cost the County more than it takes in. (We will need to hire new staff and create a new program). Our General Fund will have to cover the extra costs in perpetuity (forever).  I believe this is something that needs to be looked at state wide (and paid for) and not just the unincorporated parts of Humboldt County. I also had the MMAC take this issue up for me and they recommended against an ordinance and did not find price gouging by our park owners. I will be voting No on Measure V for these reasons."

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