Oct 18, 2016

What happens when you are on the lam, most recently arrested for alleged posession of 800 lbs of weed? Your wife gets sued for your bail bond

Bill Davidson Bonds filed a small claims lawsuit against Deborah Daniels on 10/18, George Daniels's wife.

Who is George Daniels? In this case, a man, most recently arrested for alleged possession of 800 lbs of marijuana, who is on the lam and despite rewards offered seems to have vanished into thin air.

A hearing is scheduled for November 18.

Aug 31, 2016

Bail bond exonerated for George Daniels, still on the lam; most recent case was for alleged possession of 800 lbs of marijuana; previously arrested for alleged police car theft

A warrant surrender was scheduled today in Courtroom 5 for George Preston Daniels' latest case from 2016.

Here is what glimpse of the cases in the court computer that Daniels has; he is on the lam and efforts to locate him, despite a reward have been unsuccessful.

This is a copy of the minutes today where his bail bond was exonerated.

May 1, 2016

On the lam again, man arrested in hit and run for allegedly robbing 800 lbs of marijuana, escaped from jail in 2003, stole a police car and a gun

George Preston Daniels, most recently arrested in 2015, for 800 lbs of marijuana is on the lam, again. A bench warrant was issued late March 2016 for Daniels. This was from a 2016 case in which there is a petition to revoke his post release supervision.

His bail bond company, Bill Davidson bonds, also alerted the Humboldt County Sheriff's office and they are looking for Daniels.

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