Oct 28, 2016

Austin, you are running for Eureka City Council and you claim to have a business, where is your business license and other required permit?

This from Austin Allison's website. When I checked with the City of Eureka today, Allison did not have a business license to operate a business in the City of Eureka There are no business licenses at the 1602 Hodgson Street address for Allison. He did not claim this business on his 700 form.

I went to the County today to see if Allison or James Durbin, the owner had any businesses registered; they don't. There is no fictitious business license for Allison. He is not required to file a fictitious business license but he does need a business license to operate as a business in the City of Eureka.

This screenshot is from the County Assessor's office. I also checked with the City of Eureka Building Department. The property is zoned as a single family residential property. There is no home occupation permit filed, which is necessary to operate a business out of your home.

I am in the process of contacting the State Board of Equalization and trying to reach Mr. Durbin to see if he as the owner has renter's insurance which is necessary if you manufacture anything in Eureka. And, if Mr. Durbin is aware that Allison is operating a business.

I have also reached out to Allison for a comment.

(Photos from Austin Allison's facebook page--October 28, 2016)


  1. Thanks for asking for his comment. It could be a hobby and he doesn't know about such things. Perhaps he'll learn about small businesses and understand economics better. Poor dumb thing. (lol). Sorry. I couldn't resist!

    1. Lol re your comment. Meanwhile LOCO weeks after I already did the 460s story does their usual spin of highlighting John Fullerton funders while neglecting to mention Allen McCloskey as one of Allison's top donors and the in kind donation by Allison's Bayside treasurer.