Oct 24, 2016

What is the whole story behind the shooting at McCullens motel that Maxx Robison is charged with? Here is a look at the man you do not see in media coverage

I received many emails similar to the one below. This is an email I received from Maxx Robison's mother this weekend. Often, whether it is the DA's office or the Public Defender offices, I am glad to be there for both the suspect and alleged victim's families and help them through a very difficult time.

Dear Mr. Chiv,

My name is Tracine (last name not printed on blog), and I am the Mother of Maxx Carson Robison.

Your Testimonial explains the importance of your blog,  regarding pertinent information/news,  being brought to crime  "Victims",  long distance families.  However, I'm afraid you neglected to mention the support your blog offers the "Suspects", families as well.  Certainly you find it true, that at times, the "Suspect", can also be a "Victim"?

I reside in (not printed on blog).  And your blog has offered me timely and, for the most part, unbiased information regarding my Son's case.  I'm sorry to say, that even the Public Defenders office, hasn't kept me informed, as well as you have.   

There are so many things I don't understand!  Such as, why aren't the other men that were in my Son's company at the time of the crime, behind bars and being held responsible?   And, did the Media's premature release of my Sons name and picture, hurt his case in any way?

The saddest and most troubling part of this whole story,  secondary only to the loss of a young woman's life,  is that a hard-working young man, who has never been in trouble, nor sought to cause any, may spend the rest of his life in Prison. 

My prayers and condolences go out to the family and friends of Miss Rhianna McKenzie.  I grieve deeply for your loss...And would give my own life, to bring her back!

May she rest in Peace...And be remembered with all the Love and Fondness and Warmth, she deserves.

Thank you again, Mr. Chiv...for bringing knowledge and information, pertinent to the community, without prejudice.


Tracine (last name not printed on blog) and Family

I corresponded with Maxx Robison's mother over the weekend. I am sharing some of the photos she has given me permission to print only on my blog. 

There is a side to defendants we do not often see in just covering the courts. 

(This is Maxx with his older sister Eve)

(Maxx with his girlfriend Autumn)

(Maxx and his dog Sheba)

(Maxx and his grandmother)

The preliminary hearing for this case has not even been held. I have done a previous post from one of the alleged victims in this case raising some of the very questions Maxx Robison's mother mentions in her email. This post is about the Maxx Robison his family knows and I will not include links to any other coverage.


  1. Let's pray justice is done and he's treated fairly. And I agree with his Mom, why weren't others held to answer for this death?

  2. Thank you Mr. Chiv, for sharing my sentiments and concerns. I must, however, make a correction to the final picture posted of Maxx...He is posed with his GRANDMOTHER, not with me, his Mother. I thank you and the community, for seeking knowledge in all things.

    1. You are welcome Tracine. I took the captions from your email but glad to make the correction. We do have a wonderful community and thankfully a country where one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.