Oct 20, 2016

Man located with gunshot wound in BMW, Lil Tank, one of the main witnesses in Jesus Garcia homicide

Word on the street is that the person found in the BMW is Lil Tank aka Mike Grant.

He is one of the key witnesses in the Jesus Garcia jomicid

Before this, allegedly Grant drove by Dan Leigl's house and shot at the house after a conversation he had with with Nicholas Leigl's sister.

Nicholas Leigl is one of four suspects in the Jesus Garcia homicide.

EPD Capatian Watson said due to confidentiality, he cannot comment on the identity of the victim and also because "this is still an open investigation."

EPD Press Release:

On October 17, 2016, at about 12:41 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1600 block of G Street for the report of shots heard in the vicinity.  Officers searched the area but were unable to locate any suspects, victims, or evidence of a shooting.  

At about 1:34 a.m., officers responded to the 1700 block of G Street for the report of an injured male inside of a parked vehicle.  Officers located the male inside of a BMW sedan.  The male, 33 of Eureka, was found to have a gunshot wound to his back.  The male was transported to the hospital by ambulance.  He has since been released from the hospital.  

No suspects have been identified as this time.  Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to call Detective Cosetti at (707) 441-4315.      

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