Oct 26, 2016

Weed good; casino bad; alcohol and law enforcement bad! bad! sez dis guy

If you do not want to click the link and read the entire article, I will summarize it for you.

Think of it as blog cliff notes.

The article writer tries and fails to be objective. Even as an opinion piece, it would fail to be credible, it is so one sided.

Basically, there are pro forces funding marijuana legalization and they are good, that  includes George Soros. There is nothing "good" about that man, he is evil personified.

Anyone opposing marijuana legalization is bad. This includes casinos, big pharma, alcohol related business and law enforcement.

According to this article, weed is all rainbow and sunshine; but casinos, alcohol and law enforcement are bad!

Read the entire article at:



  1. Are you against MJ legalization?

  2. I am against rigged elections, California's ridiculous system of Propositions and spun opinions being passed off as evidence or journalism.