Oct 28, 2016

Unanswered questions?

The screen shot below and the related posts are my opinion and questions I want answered directly from Austin Allison, without Allen McCloskey or anyone else around.

These are the people endorsing Allison. Can Allison be objective towards businesses and those who do not agree with his political and economic views? The progressives in this town and the left leaning media make a big deal out of this for candidates they do not like, whether their belief is true or not, so it is a fair question to ask about a candidate who stepped in last minute and one knows very little about.

Austin seems like a nice guy but he is inexperienced and one of my problems with him is that he entered this race last minute.  Why? You cannot talk to him without Allen McCloskey and the bitter progressive leaders around him. I want to make sure this community is not electing a front man.

Allen McCloskey dropped out without answering questions raised below. He may have health issues but it has not stopped him in being very active in Allison's campaign, or protests, being on TV. If he can do that, he could have handled the City Council job, which is not a full time gig.

His association and recruitment of Allison is troubling.

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