Oct 12, 2016

Dan Dobbs' second jury trial concludes; fate rests in a different jury's hands

October 11 morning, they were picking ajury. October 12, closing arguments are happening in the afternoon for Dan Dobbs' second case.

Oct 7, 2016

Dan Dobbs second jury trial starts; alleged charge water pollution, violation of Fish and Game code

Yesterday, a jury convicted Dan Dobbs of two counts; petty theft and vandalism in a 2014 case.

Today, jury selection started in a 2012 case, in which Dobbs is charged with a misdemeanor, Count 1 water pollution. He is alleged to have violated Fish and Game Code Section 5650 (a) (6).

Once this trial concludes, Dobbs has two misdemeanor cases, one from 2015, one from 2013 and a felony case from 2015, that will go to jury trial. Each case individually, with a different jury.


  1. Really? I don't see why you feel the need to keep posting about your perverse chum Mr. Dobbs. He is not news unless you make him news.

  2. One, he is not my chum. Two, you are obsessed with him. If you do not want to read about Dobbs, don't. Move on, don't tell me what or what is news or to write on my site. Also, I am done with your sniping, insults, especially anonymously. Comments are moderated on this blog. You want to be trashy, go somewhere else.