Oct 13, 2016

John Fullerton offering $1,000 reward for identity of vandals who allegedly damaged his campaign signs

John Fullerton's posted this on his facebook post today:

"This is a sad day for civil politics in Eureka.

My opponent has had a number of Letters to the Editor from his supporters attacking me or my supporters. He has praised and reprinted these mean spirited letters on his Facebook Campaign page. Yesterday he even linked the left wing extremist blog, Tuluwat Examiner, little article also attacking my supporters.

Through it all I have remained positive and have told my supporters to keep their letters positive and they have.

In the last two weeks seven of my campaign signs have been stolen. Last night some of his supporters went around town spray painting my large & small campaign signs, five is the last count as of 9.30am this morning but I suspect the number is going to go higher.

I will not sink to his level. I am offering a $ 1,000 reward for proof of the identity of the vandals. The proof could include pictures that will allow us to identify the vandals or thieves.

To my supporters I say don't sink to their level. We must stay positive and upbeat."

**I am a supporter of John Fullerton. As someone I have known in the business community for a very long time, I support him because I trust him. 

Since Austin Allison's campaign and his supporters continue to vilify a decent community member, using the same old tactics and have decided to sink low, instead of running on merit and qualification, without giving any real answers to questions raised. I have done another post, which I had decided not but since no one else seems to think Austin's backers, lack of experience and lack of answers is an issue and the usual investigative media seems to give him a pass.

Austin may very well be a "nice" man but who is behind Austin is worth questioning and researching for voters. **


  1. I had one of my own campaign's signs stolen from my front lawn of my very own house, and it was a large sign, and I had a pretty good idea who did it.

  2. It wasn't me ;-) Hey Allan, How are you??

  3. Looks like the final count of the destroyed and stolen signs from Wed night is at least 24. In ONE night !