Oct 13, 2016

Two completely different accounts from two different and credible sources, you be the judge

Looked into an inquiry from someone who was on the scene and claimed that last week, he observed an alleged DUI incident involving Timothy Miranda near Grizzly Bear (Creek).

This inquiry was not just from some random person.

City of Ferndale lists Mr. Miranda as a Public Crew Leader. The tipster said the Timothy Miranda he observed worked for Ferndale Public Works.

According to this observer, Timothy Miranda is also a volunteer firefighter in Ferndale. Ferndale police were on the scene, according to this observer but they allegedly let Timothy Miranda leave the scene because his wife arrived and created a scene, including being allegedly confrontational with the Ferndale police.

California Highway Patrol arrived but Timothy Miranda was gone, according to the observer.

I spoke with Sgt. Allan Billington, from Ferndale Police. He told me, this is "outside our jurisdiction" and referred me to CHP. Sgt. Billington did confirm, "we were on the scene momentarily until CHP got there."

CHP Officer Cy May researched the incident and clarified what happened. The incident was a traffic collision. Mr. Miranda did not leave the scene. Ferndale Police and Ferndale Fire spoke with Mr. Miranda and he gave them all the information. Ferndale police left the scene since CHP's ETA was "extended". CHP went and spoke to Mr. Miranda at his house. No arrests were made because it was a traffic collision.


  1. Boy does this smell like crappy cronyism. Where's the dui blood test? Where's the dui breath analyzer results? Leaving the scene before CHP can arrive and test you as well shows collusion, premeditated cover up (since he's a macho city employee). Where's the complaints and comments from everyone? Are you that dumbed down????

    1. Dont waste your breath. School Board member is a self-reported pot grower. Town is full of bigots. Every year volunteers head up Wildcat at night, right before the Native Sons annual venison feed, to fill the back of their pickups with poached deer. Some of the volunteers are "Hero's" and civic "leaders".
      Ferndale is a different planet.

    2. Boy what a bigot! I help cook that meal every year and I know where the meat comes from and who the people who donated. You need to stop making accusations unfounded unless with pictures and proof which you'll never have. Otherwise shut the -uck up!!