Oct 13, 2016

Are we electing Austin Allison or his backers? Should we really trust a newbie backed by the same attorney, from Trinidad, who repeatedly sues the City of Eureka?

Let's look John Fullerton's 460s and  Austin Allison 460s.

Fullerton has 16 total donors and Allison has 15. John Fullerton has lived in this community for decades and built a successful business. The fact that no one knows his opponent and who has yet to establish the same trust does not make this a race between big money and the "people."

Out of 16 donors, John Fullerton has only three( out of Eureka) donations.  Kathy and Lee Ulansey and Theodore West. I personally do not like Lee Ulansey but he does have business in Eureka and again, he and Cathy are people well-known. The other donation is from Theodore West, a former client who moved to Texas from Eureka.

Austin Allison is running for Eureka City Council and he could not even find a treasurer from Eureka; she is from Bayside. Tamara McFarland is his treasurer, she is not listed as being paid for that, she also has a non-monetary contribution of $64.74 and another donation of $100.

Allen McCloskey is one of two top donors for Allison at $480. The other is Humboldt Democratic Central Committee with $500. Out of 15 donors, in addition to McFarland from Bayside; Veronica Galiani from Kneeland; Barbara Truitt from Redway and Peter Martin (who repeatedly sues the City of Eureka) are Allison's supporters. Kathy Srabian is listed under expenses $243; she is one of the 20 people who signed Allison's petition to run as a candidate.

Allen McCloskey's and other related posts linked below are very relevant, especially those about McCloskey because McCloskey dropped out at 3 p.m and Allison was gathering signatures right after in the City Hall lobby. Questions raised in the posts below remain unanswered and he has not answered any questions raised by The Humboldt Consequential. McCloskey drops out and he recruits Allison. Someone who we know nothing about except the basics because has not lived here long enough and moved recently to Eureka. McCloskey and Allison are joined at the hip. Try getting an answer from Allison unless you are one of McCloskey and Allison's approved media by his "handlers."

Who are we electing Allison or a puppet of McCloskey?

I have inquired about a possible violation of the Eureka Municipal Code with three City Councilmembers in the City Hall lobby while Allison was gathering signature. Read my post about that; a citizen trying to get answers seems to be getting the runaround so cannot decide if a complaint can be filed.

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  1. A really good way to find out if if a complaint can be filed is to file a complaint.

  2. Fullerton already got my vote and he didn't have to pay a cent for it. What earned him it was his long-time service to the city. I want experienced people, not rookies. Go into Boy Scouts if you want to learn some leadership training.