Oct 19, 2016

Join local Republicans at Rita's today to watch the 3rd Presidential debate

This is a photo I took of Humboldt County Republican Central Committee Chair Annette De Modena, in Old Town, giving information and registering voters.

Today, HCRCC has reserved the back room of Rita's on Fifth Street in Eureka to watch the third Presidential debate.

Ms. De Modena told me that she is asking people to arrive by 5:30 so they have time to order food and beverages and have dinner, if they wish. "This is an opportunity for people to support a local business as well as watch the debate with fellow Republicans."

Debate watching is on HCRCC; food and drinks on you. This is not from Annette, it's me clarifying since there is no cost to watch the debate.


  1. Trump all the way!

  2. Trump will Make America Great Again

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    1. Yes, anon @ 3:07 you are biased. There are Republicans in Humboldt County and they get coverage just like any other group.

      Let's talk bias though, the hatred that you seem to have against anyone who does not think like you. The bias where mainstream media skews coverage for Clinton, and Clinton campaign chair Podesta organizing VP candidates in groups you would skewer if a Republican had done so.

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    1. Lacie, not as crazy as Clinton supporters who believe the lies she and her campaign continue to spew assisted by media, despite evidence to the contrary. Hardworking Mexicans see through the BS of Democrats who care nothing about women, lgbt, people of different races except for votes. How do Democrats support Clinton who rigged to win the primary against Bernie, who sold out to support her. How do Democrats ignore the $ Clintons have made off their Clinton Foundation? How do Democrats ignore the despucable Wikileaks and bashing of Cathics, Christians, African Americans? How do Democrats turn a blind eye to a candidate who has media handing over questions prior to the debate? How do Democrats ignore Clinton not being prosecuted for jeopardizing American lives by careless use? How do Democrats ignore that Hillary's ambition keeps her in a sham of a marriage where her husband has taken advantage of women?

      You don't know Trump, but you continue to believe the lies fed to you.

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    3. Lacie, I know how Catholic is spelled. I am a Catholic. You jump on one typo. Unlike you, I don't have time to waste trolling on the internet and engage any further with someone like you who has a closed mind. What do you know about hard working mexicans? Nothing. What do you know about legal immigration. Nothing. Your hate and anger shows what a miserable, despicable, disgusting person you are who despite the points above, in typical radical Democrat behavior insult those who do not fit your mold. You are the one with no valid reason.Go back to drinking your kool aid. I have put up and responded to two insulting comments by you. More trash from you and it will go in the trash can where the first two comments should have.