Oct 18, 2016

Diversion for those needing help before entering criminal justice system, pros and cons of Measure V and DHHS hiring more mental health clinicians at today's BOS meeting

Due to Planning staff being sick, last Tuesday, the presentation on the cost of Measure V was moved to this week's agenda for the Humboldt County Board of Superviors meeting.

Intent of Measure  is good, said Planning Staff. Concern expressed that it is tied to Bay area CPI which is higher than Humboldt. Also concern about long term effect on tenants and unintended consequences.

Other key points was how data was collectedcand calculated. On CPI calculations, Mr. Guntrum had questions, Planning staff explained how data was arrived. Rent increases were hard to verify.

See link below for details on presentation and last week's post.

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In other news, a proclamation was given to the great California shakeout, item on agenda by Supervisor Estelle Fennel. Supervisor Fennell also said she wanted to draw attention to an item about the DHHS request for hiring three full time mental health clinicians.

Grand jury recommended DHHS work with law enforcement on crisis intervention and de-escalation training.  Humboldt County Department ofcHealth said this training is already in the process of being implemented.

Supervisor Virginia Bass who was one of only two people from California, the other being Santa Barbara Sheriff, attending a trip to Texas and Florida, mentioned "diversion before entering criminal justice system."

Chief Probation Officer Bill Damiano said that booking and arrest cannot always be avoided.

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