Oct 19, 2016

KRCR TV reports Salyer incident today drug related; multiple detained

On the 6 p.m. newcast of North Coast News, it was reported, 7 suspects were detained.

Update 2:30 p.m.from KRCR news:

According to the Trinity County Sheriff's as of Wednesday afternoon, multiple people have been detained are being called people of interest.

Officials said the home invasion occurred early Wednesday morning at a home on Fountain Ranch Road. Officials added after the suspects invaded the home on Fountain Ranch Road, they then drove down Councilman Road and barricaded themselves into a home.
The victim(s) in the Fountain Ranch Road home suffered minor injuries. Officials added this incident is drug related.

Read more at http://www.krcrtv.com/north-coast-news/eureka-news/trinity/law-enforcement-responding-to-reported-home-invasion-in-salyer/126474888

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