Oct 30, 2016

Mckinleyville Safeway guard, 73 years old, allegedly assaulted by a known addict

According to a Mckinleyville citizen who wishes to remain anonymous for safety, "The guard at Safeway was just beat badly by some tweaker named Scott at Safeway.
Max was taken by ambulance to the hospital and the police let the tweaker go. I'm really saddened by this as Max @ 73 really is a great guard and didn't deserve this."

This happened about 30 minutes ago. The citizen's daughter and friend, who witnessed the incident said, "Max was very bloody."

According to the tipster, Scott's last name is Crane.

The HCSO Press Release on October 31 lists the alleged victim's age as 63.

HCSO Press Release:

On Sunday, October 30, 2016 at about 6:30 p.m. Humboldt County Deputies responded to the 1500 block of City Center Rd in McKinleyville for a report of a physical altercation in progress. Upon arrival, Deputies observed a male lying face down and bystanders/witnesses nearby. Deputies also contacted the 62 year old male victim who was being treated by medical personnel. He was asked to remain on scene while deputies contacted the male lying down. The male lying down was identified as 46 year old Scott Crane of McKinleyville. Deputies discovered Crane had assaulted the victim, causing minor injuries. While deputies were interviewing Crane, the victim left in the ambulance. Deputies spoke with witnesses on scene and confirmed Crane was the aggressor during this incident. Due to the victim not staying for a statement, Crane was medically cleared/questioned and released on scene.

Deputies later interviewed the 62 year old victim at a local hospital, who wished to pursue assault charges against Crane. A misdemeanor arrest warrant for Crane has been requested through the District Attorney’s Office.


  1. Doesn't an assault and battery lead to an arrest?

  2. It should but remember this is an eye report from citizen witnesses. It is tge weekend so getting a comment from the Sheriff's office will most likely be tomorrow. Weekends are tough for official comments.

    1. Any misdemeanor not committed in the presence of a law enforcement officer, means that an immediate arrest can only be done through private person's arrest.