Oct 19, 2016

While there is no timeline for completion, CIRT investigators are working on the David Alan Fulton investigation and it will be forwarded to the DA once reports are completed

I contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff's office and the District Attorney's office today to check on the status of the David Alan Fulton case.

Undersheriff William Honsal said, "David Allen Fulton investigation is moving forward.   We are waiting for all the CIRT investigators to complete their reports then the investigation will be forward to the District Attorney for review per the Humboldt County CIRT protocol.  Unfortunately,  I don’t have a time line for the completion."

Sep 9, 2016

Apartment manager and maintenance worker interviewed in the investigation regarding David Fulton's death

I contacted Undersheriff William Honsal today regarding the status of David Alan Fulton death investigation.

"David Allan Fulton CIRT investigation is still on going.     We have interviewed the manager and the maintenance worker for the Sequoia Creek Apts.   Per the CIRT policy we have to update the DA’s office every 30 days.    At the end of next week we should have an idea how much longer the investigation will take place.  "

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  1. what they did after shift change was not called for. they provoked this guy and did not take into account his mental illness. this tragedy could have been prevented