Oct 26, 2016

Meet Michael and Jace Williams, who should be given the father-son and good samaritan award, why?

I was walking in Old Town about 15 minutes ago and saw these wonderful good Samaritans.

I walked up to Michael Williams, who I thought was Jace's brother. Turns out he is a great dad with an awesome son.

I asked him why he was picking up this litter. Many of us, including me, have walked past these piles of leaves with trash and plastic bags on 4th street.

After driving past for two days, this is what Michael decided to do on his day off. Jace was so excited to clean the street and get rid of the plastic bags that I had to take these photos quickly!

They finished up. It took them 30 minutes. Michael is not on active duty now, but he is an Air Force Veteran and owns Bikini Brews. So go support this local business and say thank you!


  1. Micheal is an awesome guy, he mentors and trains a disabled guy who is in a wheelchair at the gym. I told him that was awesome for doing that and he smiled and said he just wants the man to feel normal...

  2. Oh my gosh you and Jace are doing such a good job !!!!

  3. So nice to read of an unselfish good deed -- nice work Michael and Jace!
    Thank you, and John, for worthy recognition and write up and pictures.