Oct 21, 2016

Who do you believe in the Measure V wars? Hillary Mosher responds to allegations

Update: As of October 22, Hillary Mosher has stepped down from being involved in the Measure V Campaign.

Yesterday, Humboldt Consequential did this post:


I contacted Hillary Mosher to ask if she wanted to respond. She did get back to me. I appreciate Ms. Mosher's time and what she shared.

This is the part of our conversation that is her on record response:

"I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response."

Today, I got some more information.

From: Guntram Wolski <gwolski@thunderbirdmobile.com>

As I have just heard,  Mr Kelly has received permission from his lawyer to confirm the email was sent to him.
He can and will not go into any further details due to the NDA.  

Guntram Wolski
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David against Goliath? $20,000 contribition to fight Measure V

Senator Mike McGuire is already having a busy day in Humboldt meeting with constituents.

Hilary Mosher told me that Sen. McGuire had ordinances similar to Measure V passed in Healdsburg and Sonoma by the Board of Supervisors and is sharing information with the local group that has been advocating for Measure V.

Hilary also shared with me a copy of a document below. Thunderbird owners spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting when the decision was made to put Measure V on the ballot.

Thunderbird Mobile Estate Owners spoke at the August 9 Board of Supervisors meeting against Measure V.

I will update this post with comments from Thunderbird if I get a response.

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  1. Not that it really matters, but I keep seeing reports stating that Mr. Kelley responds to Hilary Mosher's email with talk of a non-disclosure agreement.
    In fact, according to the email string, Mr Kelley wrote about the NDA on Jan 20th, and Mosher's alleged blackmail was written in response, on Jan 23rd.